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Together we will strive to build a future filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. With our collective efforts and determination, we can create a world where innovation thrives, where kindness and compassion are abundant, and where diversity is celebrated. Let us work hand in hand to shape a brighter tomorrow for ourselves and generations to come. Our potential knows no bounds when we unite in purpose and commitment to creating a better world for all.

History of Patriot

Our History

1875 -1975: The centenary of the origin of the G.R.A. with the motto “ Om te staan vir ons Taal, ons Nasie en ons Land” (to stand up for our Language, Nation and our Country.

The G.R.A. dedicated themselves to the acceptance of the Afrikaans Language.

To act as the official voice of the Afrikaner,” DIE AFRIKAANSE PATRIOT” was conceived. The first issue appeared on the 15th of January 1875 and exactly 100 years later – on 15 January 1975 Hoërskool Patriot opened its doors. The school has always been attached to History and has promoted the Afrikaans language.

Today the school maintains these ideals but gladly accepts and welcomes the English language and community into its fold to strive for new ideals and values that are of mutual value to all of us – a love for that which is our own and the ambition to build a bridge and lasting future in harmony.

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We Are Passionate

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Love What We Do

At Hoërskool Patriot, The school values support and inclusivity, students are encouraged to pursue their passions and develop their skills through a variety of extracurricular activities and academic pursuits. Whether their interests lie in athletics, academics, or the arts, they are provided with the tools and guidance to achieve their goals. The school's mission is to nurture individuals who excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their ability to empathise and collaborate with others. With unity as their guiding principle and personal growth as their goal, Hoërskool Patriots aims to foster a community of students who will go on to achieve great things and ignite the flames of leadership in the hearts of tomorrow's luminaries.


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What Is Happening at Patriot

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